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This is our services page, if you are interested in improving your sales results to Fantastic, you are on the right page!

Not sure what we can do for you? Nor are we, so we are offering you a no cost 30-minute telephone call to allow you to challenge us with your specific sales obstacle. We guarantee if you are not satisfied that you gained value from our 30-minute call together, we will provide you a free copy of Selling Is Everything: What’s In It For Me? in digital format.

Decision2Buy (D2B) provides tactical consulting services that assists Sale Executives, sales organizations and salespeople sell services or products. Our services are focused on solving problems that are critical to generating more sales in less time, at less cost, with greater visibility and that provide greater profit and customer satisfaction.

We have learned that quota exceeding sales teams are driven by the successful integration of outstanding people, sales specific processes, and tools/process utilization.

We work with our clients to focus on these areas, because we found that in most cases the sales challenges they experience come from the integration, utilization, and/or development of one or more of these core areas.

Services we offer at Decision2Buy:

– Define Your Target Market Decision2buy Processes and Value Propositions.
– Sales Roadmap: Research, Analysis, and Planning
– Sales Tool Kit Generation for Start-ups.
– Sales Tool Kit Analysis and Improvement.
– Sales Management Tools and Process Management.
– Sales Improvement Analysis and Resolution.
– Coaching: Managers, Executives, and Teams
– Develop Key Performance Indicators for Sales Teams
– Structuring Sales Teams and Compensation
– Speaking: Conferences, Sales Meetings, Webinars, etc.

D2B works with executives, sales management, marketing and sales teams to define the target markets common decision2buy processes and selling processes that will be most successful in selling your product or service into your defined marketplace. This approach provides the key decision buying criteria (The decision2buy process) and the thought processes that your clients and prospects utilize in buying your products or services. Once this profile is understood the process of selling and marketing becomes clearly defined and easier to execute, manage, and measure.

We work with clients to identify, analysis, and structure solutions to sales performance issues that may be personnel, structural, and /or team based in nature. This is our problem solving catchall service that focuses on the specific immediate needs of an organization when they are struggling to identify, analyze and solve sales challenges and problems.

“EAR” provides an impartial insight into your sales teams, processes, lead generations programs, sales tool kits, compensation, marketing, and training programs to ensure they are delivering maximum results and are help accomplish your company goals. D2B will provide a roadmap to success for you to implement (with or without our participation) from this evaluation that will dramatically increase your company revenues and profitability once implemented.

Selling is a team activity that utilizes many resources within an organization in order to successfully close a deal. From the CEO to the receptionists selling effects and depends on teams in order to be successful. Our experience had demonstrated over and over that most sales people dislike or do not use their management systems because they see them as “management systems” not sales tools. We believe that with a customized Sales Management Systems (CRM) based on Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that the process of selling become more visible and predictable for everyone. Predictability allows resources to be allocated for maximum utilization thereby generating the greatest ROI in the shortest period of time.

We work with your team to evaluate the value of your sales management systems, with particular focus on alignment of sales activities, sales results and the KPI’s that are integral to your sales success. The integration of these components makes the use of the tool much more valuable to your sales team and as a result they use it daily to manage their business, which provides you more accurate and valuable information.

The D2B expert marketing team has over 30 years of experience in developing, enhancing and delivering marketing collateral and sales support materials for various industries. A combined resource of sales and marketing working together will generate a greater profit than the two departments will ever generate separately.

Decision2Buy works with each client to evaluate the value and use of their Sales Tool Kit. The Sales Tool Kit is the basket of resources that assist in the selling process. The Sales Tool Kit may include: sales training, compensation plans, company goals/mission for the year, marketing brochures and materials, websites, Social Media programs/events, testimonials, HR processes, company policy, finance/billing information, contracts, proposal formats and samples, white papers and more.

We work with Executives, Sales Managers, Solopreneurs, Sales People, Business Owners, and with Small Master Mind Groups of Sales Management and or Salespeople on a one to one basis. Our focus is on the tactical challenges in reaching individual, team, and overall business goals.

Sales Management Training and Coaching services are focused on the value that can be attained from the sales team and the processes necessary to be successful: Territory Management, Resource Management, Teaming for Success and How to motivate sales individuals thru the utilization of coaching and mentoring.

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